Retail Floor Planner
Optimal results with a balanced store-layout
On this page you'll find various videos that support the Retail Floor Planner users. Note that the video will open on the GRBS channel on YouTube.

The videos are grouped based on usage/application (a bit longer videos) and features (shorter videos). The length of the video that is mentioned, is based on the normale playing speed. (YouTube allows you to increase or decrease the playing speed of videos if you don't like the original speed.)


    Release 2020 - Top 10 Enhancements

    Retail Floor Planner, the powerful, yet budget- and user friendly retail floorplanning software has gotten even better! This video shows 10 important new and enhanced features.

    Length: 10m29s


    Creating your first floorplan

    This short video takes you through the steps of creating your first floorplan with Retail Floor Planner. It demonstrates how to create walls, add fixtures, and place categories to replicate the store layout, which will serve as the basis for further analysis and optimization.

    Length: 4m47s


    Budget- & User-friendly software to get more results from your retail space

    Retail Floor Planner offers the missing link between architects, Format Managers and Category Managers. It brings together in one place technical and physical limitations, operational targets, banner image, the general commercial strategy and performance objectives at category level. Manage all these elements proactively in the ultimate get-together of Category Management and operational activities to maximize the results from your valuable retail space.

    Length: 5m23s